Rapid Transit System Power Monitor System

Project Introduction:

We got to integrate the electronic system of the red line train station.

All of the signals for the electronic equipments in each train station should be monitored and all of the signals in each train station should be integrated to the central control room for monitoring.

In this case, we use Siemens PLC to monitor all of the electronic signals in each individual train station.

We also use OPC Server and SCADA running in the industry panel PC to connect with the Siemens PLC.

The client side PC could use Factory Suite 4.0 to monitor the data or figures easily.

There are 41 train stations in this project.

System Requirement:

  • 1 set 64000 tags SCADA edition for central control room

  • 41 sets 1500 tags SCADA edition for the sub stations
  • 42 sets IPPC(Industry Panel PC)

  • 41 Siemens MPI OPC Server

  • System Diagram:


    Using the stability、integrality OPC drivers with SCADA, it could easily monitor all of the signals and inform the operators to solve the alarm signals in the central control room. With browser to monitor the figures and the data in the office, it is easy, flexible and safety for users to monitor the system. Can you imaging there are 41 train stations spread more than 20 km distances. The electronic equipments signal could real time transfer to the central control room by the powerful software.