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Electronic Factory Integration Case

Project Introduction:

My customer owned a lot of the equipments to produces VCD and DVD products. They have to develop the MES system but no ideas how to fetch the data from PLC. In order to calculate the product and the machine operating rate precisely in each production line. We got to fetch all of the data from many PLC. Then My customer will use VB.Net to analyze it. In this case, most of the PLC are Mitsubishi brand. It includes FX, A, QnA and Q type PLC. Most of the PLC do not have the spare slot to extend the communication module. The only way to fetch the data is from the PLC CPU port.


System Requirement:

1 set OPCTechs MelsecA OPC Server

1 set OPCTechs MelsecFx OPC Server

1 set OPCTechs MelsecQ OPC Server

1 set OPCTechs MX OPC Server

VB.NET programming development

N pieces of N-Port (it depends on the numbers of the devices)



System Diagram:


We have so many customers need to fetch the data from different devices. They have to design the program by programmers, they use different kind of programming language. OPC Server is a standard software interface for integration. You can use any programming language to design the DATASE、REPORT、FIGURES or any kind of your own user interfaces. The OPC server will help you to solve all of the communication affairs.