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Powerful OPCTechs OPC Server implemented in the Electronic factory

Project Introduction:

Due to its powerful, integrated collection of automation tools,Advantech Studio is chosen as the SCADA software in a factory automation system. Integrated with OPCTechs OPC server and ADAM-4571 Ethernet Data Gateway, Advantech Studio retrieves real-time data from field equipment and PLC devices from OPCTechs OPC Server. Factory staffs can easily access information through the Ethernet or internet.


System Requirement:

Because various brands of independent PLC systems were used, the customer wanted to build an integrated monitoring system without replacing any existing systems. The most-recommended network solution for data sharing and exchange is an Ethernet network. A web-enabled monitoring system should allow staff to access real-time data from on-site equipment anywhere, anytime. To run an operation without interruption, a redundant operating system is required.


Project Implementation:

The following is a complete list of all OPCTechs OPC server used in this project.

 Mitsubishi serial PLC OPC Server (include FX, A, Q types)
Omron C series PLC OPC Server
Modbus OPC Server
ModbusTCP OPC Server
Data Exchange OPC server


Style Diagram:

System Description:

There are more than 200 sets PLC in a factory. We use ADAM 4571 to be the serial to Ethernet data gateway. We also use Indusoft SCADA to connect with five different types of OPC Server. The client PC could use IE to browse the screen of the SCADA server.

There are some programmers use VB, C++, VB.Net to design the software for so many single machine. They want to put the signals on the Indusoft SCADA. So we design the DataExchange OPC for various of programming language interchange the data.




OPC Server could easily connect with different kind of device protocols. And they can help different kinds of software or programming languages to integrate together. Programming can easily help the SCADA to solve many difficult functions.